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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning Light

For Melinda Lee  

There she lay
in the morning light
naked, save the shadows
cast by her own curves
flawless, complete

Her soft blue eyes
remain closed
untouched by fear
holding only the slight
remnants of sorrow
from living raw and alive
in a numb world

Reluctantly I move

unwilling to stir her, 
to pull her 
from the dreams
keeping company
with her heart

Instead I remove my shirt
slowly press my chest
against her back
wrap my small hand
around her waist
and, breathe in

I breathe her in
I breathe her 

so deeply 
so completely
into my soul

The morning light
unabashed, dances on
through the fruit trees
inside the dawn
as our witness.


Just Love.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Country Sunrise

The white porcelain mug
rested on her fingertips
her lips yearned for the sweet
familiar taste of morning
with its warm hazelnut finish
and soft sunrise

Her eyes held the orange kiss
between the earth and sky
a horizon which promised
uninterrupted time

minutes free to live, to love 
without the constant
interpretation from God's believers
about what form love should take

As if they know what it took to make
the heavens and the seas

For that gentle moment
inside the new dawn
when the cold morning's breath
met the rooster's song
she bowed her head

She prayed for freedom
from the fear in their hearts 
knowing she would offer it back to them
if it wasn't love they needed so much more. 


then there were six

then there were six

Cheese of Mac & Cheese along side Roger the Rooster