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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of the Dirt Road

For Melinda Lee.

My love
like a tall slim street lamp 
illuminates each room she graces
barefooted and breathtaking  
in ripped jeans 
and quiet brilliance

Not far from her reach
a country morning hums
dinner plate dahlias burst
and untamed oak trees dance
against the sleepy sun's yawn 

Our minds tiptoe towards light  
still intertwined in last night's dreams
our bodies tangled in soft sheets
with no reason in the world
to rush awake 

A house at the end of the dirt road  
amid almond trees and wild gratitude
I fall into the bliss 
of finding the very woman 
I was born to love. 


then there were six

then there were six

Cheese of Mac & Cheese along side Roger the Rooster